Is Your Kidney Good? Check Yourself From These 9 Signs

CKD Symptoms Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the root of congenital constitution,and its main function is to possess essence, dominate bone and producing marrow. In addition, the kidney is also the important detoxification organs and remove toxins out of the body. Kidney function is very powerful, but in recent years, the incidence of chronic kidney disease has been rising. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affects many people. So what are the criteria for a bad kidney, and what situations in our daily lives can help us determine whether a kidney is good or not?

If you have the following symptoms, it indicates your kidney is not good.

1. Memory loss

The kidney nourishes the brain. When kidney is damaged, you may experience memory loss and slow response.

2. Unclear hearing

The ear is closely related to good or bad kidney qi. People with good kidney will also have good hearing.

Once your kidney function is poor, you will have tinnitus, hearing loss, upset and other symptoms. It is from kidney Yin deficiency.

3. Dull skin

Good kidney can slow down aging. If your kidney is not good, you are easy to get old and skin is dull. Eye bags are also evident.

4. Hair loss and gray hair

Kidney possesses essence and the essence is in the root of hair. The nutrition of hair comes from blood. However, the root is still in the kidney.

If the kidney is bad, the hair begins to turn gray and lose burnish. You can also have hair loss.

5. Osteoporosis, loose tooth

Kidney dominates bone and produces marrow. Bone requires kidney essence to nourish.

If your kidney is not good, you will have osteoporosis, back pain and loose tooth.

6. Cloudy and foamy urine

If you find that your urine color is like soy or rice water, you should pay much attention to it. If bubbles are increasing in your urine and do not disappear for a long time, suggesting that there are much protein in your urine.

7. Swelling in early morning

When your kidney is not good, fluid will accumulate in your body. Swelling will occur at this time.

When you have eyelid swelling, hand swelling or feet swelling in early morning, it is probably from bad kidneys.

8. Lack of energy, easy to fatigue

When your kidneys go wrong, toxins and wastes in your body are difficult to be removed from your body into urine. These wastes and toxins will make you lack of energy, fatigue and weakness.

9. Blood pressure problem

When your kidney is bad, you can have symptoms of blood pressure. High blood pressure occurs when kidneys are damaged. It can also worsen kidney damage.

When you have the above symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible and take timely treatment.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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