How Much Water for A Diabetic Daily

How Much Water for A Diabetic DailyHow much water for a diabetic daily?

In order to control the symptoms of polyuria and excessive drinking, many diabetic patients are reluctant to drink water or drink as little as possible even though they are thirsty. Although the symptoms of excessive drinking and polyuria appear to be alleviated on the surface, it objectively leads to an increase in blood sugar, which in fact aggravates the condition of Diabetes mellitus. According to the analysis and statistics of relevant data, 10 to 20 percent of diabetic patients are aggravated by inappropriate drinking water.

In fact, diabetics, like ordinary people, need an average of 2,500 milliliters of water a day. In addition to some of the water contained in the diet, 1600-2000 ml of water is supplied by external drinking water.

Diabetic patients can choose drinking water such as boiled water, light tea and mineral water, and sugary drinks should be avoided. In addition, in the case of more protein food intake, exercise intensity, sweating, etc., and it is appropriate to drink more water.

Milk and soybean milk are good drinks for diabetic patients to replenish water. Drinking milk and soybean milk every day can improve the calcium deficiency. Soybean milk also contains a certain amount of dietary fiber, so it is more suitable for diabetic patients with obesity, high blood lipid and high blood pressure.

How does the symptoms of excessive drinking occur in diabetic patients?

As we all know, human kidneys have a valve effect on glucose concentration. When blood glucose concentration is low to 10.0 mmol/L, the valve is closed. When blood glucose concentration exceeds 10.0 mmol/L, the valve opens, allowing glucose to enter the urine and produce urine sugar. When the concentration of glucose in urine is too high, it will cause a permeable diuretic effect, so that the water in the body is discharged too much with the urine sugar outside the body.

Excessive loss of water in the body and elevated plasma osmotic pressure can stimulate thirst center, so the patients feel thirsty, and then they need to drink too much water to supplement the lost water and to alleviate the symptoms of thirst. It can be seen from this that drinking more water is actually a supplement to the loss of water in the body, and that drinking more water also improves blood transport function, promotes circulation, accelerates metabolism and eliminates ketone body, which is a protective response to human dehydration. Therefore, not only should people with diabetes not be limited to drinking water, but they should also be encouraged to drink more water.

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