Early signs of diabetes

5 principles for diabetes treatment

The advantages of Chinese medicine treatment for diabetes

How to prevent diabetes?

Early signs of diabetes

With the improvement of the material and economic level, people's diet structure has also undergone great changes. The intake of excess nutrients, coupled with the reduction of physical activity, obesity and diabetic family history has led to the rapid increase of the prevalence of diabetes. Health poses a great threat. So for diabetes, we advocate early detection and early treatment. then how do we determine whether we are suffering from diabetes or not?

We all know that the most typical symptoms of early diabetes are “three more and a loss”: drinking more, eating more, urination more, weight loss, in addition to these, the early symptoms may also have: dry mouth, thirst, Weakness, sweating, heart palpitations, trembling, frequent urination, eyelid problem, skin protracted healing, limb numbness, low blood sugar and so on.

These are the body's "signal" given in advance, as long as there are two or more of the above, we advice you go to the hospital timely for checking. in addition, if there is family history of diabetes, you should also be regularly examined so that you can take appropriate measures as soon as possible.

5 principles for diabetes treatment.

The first is education and psychological treatment for diabetic patients. The aim is to let diabetic patients know diabetes, and have basic idea on how to treat and manage diabetes.

The second is the treatment value from diet. Proper diet management for diabetic patients will build a good basis for other treatment methods.,

The third is about exercise. Long term and proper exercise will help to keep sugar stable and good health.

The fourth is treatment from medicine. If sugar not under control just by diet and exercise, oral medicine and insulin should be considered. Meantime, based on clinical requirement, medicine for lipid, blood pressure and others should be also taken to ensure a health from whole body.

The fifth is the monitoring of illness condition. It is very recommended to have regular tests like ECG, fundus examination to better understand the health condition and provide guidance on treatment.

The advantages of Chinese medicine treatment for diabetes

Chinese medicine stress treatment based on syndrome differentiation. That is to different treatment on different case, which is the feature of Chinese medicine.

What is the advantage of its feature? We can tell from three aspects.

The first, it has the advantage to improve clinical manifestations.

Eat a lot, drink a lot and urinate a lot and get emaciated are typical symptoms for diabetes, actually its complications are more complicated, like fatigue, faint, memory loss and limbs numbness, pain, peripheral neuropathy blurred vision, nephropathy, edema etc.

Still some complicated symptoms like gastroparesis, constipation, poor sleeping quality and sweating etc. For these symptoms, Chinese medicine has very obvious advantage to treat.

The second is the advantage to adjust lipid and sugar together.

Diabetes is an integral disease, not only disorder on sugar metabolism, but also fat, protein, so diabetes involves the whole body.

Chinese medicine can play its multi-adjustment role. Say ginseng, it contains ginsenoside and panaxan, which can adjust sugar and also lipid. So it can play many functions to adjust the metabolism in the body.

The third is Chinese medicine can effectively prevent complications. Like diabetic feet, when skin just present ulcer, Chinese medicine has quite dramatic efficacy to treat stubborn skin ulcer. This can effectively help patients avoid sufferings of death, blindness and disability.

How to prevent diabetes?

The five keys to prevent diabetes are to learn to eat less ,more exercise, more knowledge, be relaxing, and take medicine as necessary.

The first is to learn more knowledge. Without knowledge, it is impossible to prevent diabetes. You don't know what diabetes is and what about the harm, then you don’t know how to do; so we have to increase our knowledge of diabetes! We can increase the knowledge of diabetes through direct health education and media publicity, so that we can take proper and effective precaution.

Second, Eating less. Don’t eating your fill to control the calorie intake, avoiding the burden on the pancreas, which can reduce the risk of diabetes; Eat less fat and thick flavor, fat is more oil, gan is more sugar; No smoking and drinking, because when smoking accumulates to a certain amount, it can cause an explosive increase in diabetes; Eating slowly is good for weight control.

Third is more exercise. Strengthen the exercise can increase the insulin sensitivity, reduce your body's need for insulin, which helps control blood sugar.

Fourth, Relaxing. Usually, people’s hormone secretion(such as glucocorticoid) will increase when they feel nervous, anxious and unhappy.It can be said that there are many hormones that raise blood sugar in the body, but there is only one hormone that lowers blood sugar, it is insulin. If somebody is in bad mood for long time, excessive secretion of hormone, the blood sugar will continuously increase. It can cause diabetes easily.

Fifth, take medicine when necessary. The most important to prevent diabetes is to control your diets, do more exercise and be relaxing.However, when blood lipid, blood pressure and blood viscosity are still high, it is recommended to promote the state of metabolic disorders by taking medicines, so that we can keep away from diabetes.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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Check a Symptom

Traditional Chinese Medicine stresses prevention over cure. If your body gives out some signals, you should attach importance to them. The earlier you detect the disease and treat it, the better the prognosis. This is suitable to all the disease. In this article, we will list some typical symptoms. You can check whether you have associated disease or not.

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