Can Cold Medicine Abuse Cause Kidney Failure

Can Cold Medicine Abuse Cause Kidney FailureIn order to get well from a cold quickly, many people like to mix a variety of medicines together. Can cold medicine abuse cause Kidney Failure?

In patients with acute renal failure, about 20% to 25% of patients are caused by drug abuse. In addition to anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, the cases of acute renal function damage or failure caused by indiscriminate use of drugs include indiscriminate use of analgesics, etc. Therefore, after the occurrence of a cold, indiscriminate use of drugs must not be allowed, in case that they cause certain damage to the kidney.

Drugs are not food. There are strict rules on the dosage and eating method of each drug. We must be careful in using drugs. So what drugs are prone to kidney failure?

1. Antibiotics. Gentamicin, tetracycline and so on are the most toxic to kidney, which can easily cause drug-induced renal damage.

2. Antipyretic and analgesic drugs. Aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen all have certain kidney toxicity. Overdose can easily cause kidney damage.

The best way to prevent renal failure is to develop healthy living habits and do a good job of daily health care.

1. To control dietary structure so as to avoid excessive acidic substances intake, and exacerbate acidic constitution.

The acid-base balance of diet is very important for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and the prevention and treatment of its complications. In diet, we should eat more foods rich in plant organic active alkaloids, less meat and more vegetables. Chamagu is rich in plant organic active alkaloids, which can quickly eliminate acidosis in the body, clarify uric acidosis, and truly protect the kidney.

2. Taking part in aerobic exercise, exercising properly and sweating more in the sun can help to eliminate excess acidic substances in the body and prevent the occurrence of kidney disease.

3. To keep a good mood, do not have too much psychological pressure, excessive pressure will lead to acid deposition, affecting the normal process of metabolism. Appropriate adjustment of mood and self-pressure can maintain a weak alkaline constitution, thus preventing the occurrence of nephropathy.

4. To live a regular life. Irregular habits, such as singing karaoke all night, playing mahjong and staying up, will aggravate physical acidification. Good living habits should be developed to maintain a weak alkaline constitution and keep kidney disease away from you.

5. To keep away from smoking and alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol are typical acidic foods. Uncontrolled smoking and drinking can easily lead to acidification of the human body and make kidney disease easy to occur.

Cold medicine abuse can cause kidney failure, so when you catch a cold, you had better talk with your doctor. For more information on kidney failure, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.


***Please seek professional medical advise for the diagnosis or treatment of any ailment, disease or medical condition. This article is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.***

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